Success Stories

SHARP has done remarkable work for the betterment of Pakistani society, especially IDPs, women and young people. A lot of case studies and success stories embrace the work of SHARP-Pakistan.

Some of the notable success stories are as follows:

1. Verification of PoR Card in Abbottabad instead of Peshawar
2. Establishment of Grand Shura/ Liaison Committee for refugees and government agencies
3. Support in issuance of duplicate PoR card to a kidney patient
4. Admission of 18 students to a private school
5. Computerized Tenancy Registration
6. Recovery of employee’s wages and settlement
7. Afghan Student gets admission in university
8. Stamp papers issued to Afghans-Ending Exploitation
9. Relocation of Afgan Refugees-93 families protected
10. Zakia an inspiration for all
11. Afghan students go back to school at Jhelum

Verification of PoR Card in Abbottabad instead of Peshawar

SHARP-Pakistan Team based in Haripur facilitated the registered Afghan refugee in Abbottabad to launch FIR because his wife had lost her PoR Card in the bazaar. First of all the refugee was said to go to Peshawar to bring proof or attestation from Afghan Consulate/NADRA there regarding the lost PoR Card then FIR would be launched. When this issue was brought to SHARP-Pakistan team so they conducted meeting with higher official of the district. Through the advocacy of SHARP-Pakistan team, the high official passed direction to relevant in charge to accept verification through NADRA 7000 Number. This initiative facilitated the marginalized community instead of travelling to Peshawar now verification can be done through 7000 at their area.

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Establishment of Grand Shura/ Liaison Committee for refugees and government agencies

The efforts of SHARP-Pakistan team remained highly successful in formation of a grand Shura/liaison committee at two Refugee Villages (RV) i.e. Panian and Padhan in Haripur. In past the formation of these Shuras was carried-out BHU wise situated in different sectors of the RV.

On 6th March a general meeting of all the five Shura of Panian and Padhana RVs was convened in which the refugees/participants were briefed regarding the purpose of establishment of the new Shura. The new Shura will play a coordination role between the refugees and government agencies to help in mitigating issues pertaining to refugees in the RVs as well as during their livelihood related movements outside the camps.

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Support in issuance of duplicate PoR card to a kidney patient

A 60 years old Juma Khan, a resident of Sawary city in District Buner is registered Afghan Refugee with NADRA. His health condition is very weak with chronically ill and suffering from kidney disease. He lost his POR card somewhere few months ago. On his demand, SHARP-Pakistan’s lawyers provided him assistance in furnishing an affidavit and lodging a police report in the Pal centre at Gagra Police Station Buner.

As per UNHCR and NADRA rules, after lodging the report the Person of Concern (PoC) has to physically present to submit an application for the loss of POR card at PCM centre Peshawar but due to his ill health and weaken physical condition he was unable to travel such a long distance. As a result of this policy, both he and his son have to wait until the improvement in his health.

Due the intervention and efforts of SHARP-Pakistan team with UNHCR, NADRA and RVA officials, the officials of NADRA’s PCM centre were kind enough to consider this request and entertain the POC application on prior bases. The application has been submitted and the POC and his son are now anxiously waiting for the arrival of duplicate POR card.

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Admission of 18 students to a private school

Team conducted Meeting with Mr. Riaz Hussain Principal Wisdom Grammar School Lahore in order to enroll 18 Afghan children in his School. After successful interventions, these 18 Afghans students were enrolled in the School.

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Computerized Tenancy Registration

Due to SHARP’s team efforts, the Punjab police ensured computerized tenancy registration of Afghan refugees in newly established front disk in Punjab region.

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Recovery of employee’s wages and settlement

Two brothers Hassan & Nadir worked with a local factory in Swabi. Both were terminated in year 2013 with an outstanding compensation and gratuity of around half million due on employer. The employer refused to pay the settlements. With the help of a private lawyer, they filed a suit for recovery in local court under Workmen Compensation Act. Later they approached SHARP-lawyers who took up the case.

Keeping in view the poor financial condition, time taken for such cases in court, SHARP-Pakistan Aid and Legal aid Centre (ALAC) team took an initiative and applied for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the form of Jirga and started negotiations with the employer, company Hired the refugees with aim to convince them for the payment of the outstanding Gratuity and wages. After a few sessions, the ALAC-Mardan team finally succeeded in convincing the employer company for the payment. Finally, the compensation was recovered. Both brothers are thankful to SHARP-Pakistan for their support.

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Afghan Student gets admission in university

Badar Khan, an Afghan Refugee currently residing in Mir Pur Azad Kashmir with POR Card # ER20740925751. Badar got admission in M.Com Department at Federal Urdu University Islamabad .When he went to deposit admission fee in University admission office the staff refused to deposit his fee and informed that Afghans are not allowed to get admission in the University based on POR card. They shared that the University classes will start within 2-3 days after deposit of fee. SHARP Islamabad team intervened and contacted Mr. Shah Je Additional Registrar of the University and discussed whole matter with him. He shared thatdue to the security concerns, search operation and Government of Pakistan’s policy regarding Afghan Refugees in Pakistan he needs approval from concerned department of Government of Pakistan. The University administration was told that International students are eligible to apply in Pakistani Universities and they too have right to education. Their parents are registered Afghan refugees and all of them have POR cards, for any security clearance the data can be verified from NADRA. However, the university administration told that university needs NOC from concerned department of Government of Pakistan for his admission.

ALAC team visited Afghan Commissionerate (CCAR) to get NOC for his admission in Urdu University Islamabad, which issued a letter to CAD (Capital Administration and development Division) for NOC. But CAD office refused to issue NOC as they only deal with schools and colleges in ICT and advised to contact concerned officer at Ministry of education and Higher Education Commission.

The Team again met with Additional Registrar and requested to find out the solution. He extended full cooperation to SHARP team and issued a letter to CCAR for his POR card verification and certificate for his admission at University. The team requested Director of CCAR Ms. Fahmina Toufiq for issuance of certificate for his admission which was honored and she issued a letter acceptable for university administration and finally he got admission in university. Badar’s future got secured with the timely interventions/efforts of SHARP team.

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Stamp papers issued to Afghans-Ending Exploitation

Community members of Afghan community living in Jand district Attock shared In SHURA meeting ( conducted on 8th-march-17 ) that under the policy shift of Govt.of Pakistan for Afghan refugees the Afghan refugees are not issued the Stamp paper by stamp vendors even though they are legally registered having PoR cards. This creates hurdle to make any business activity /agreement. To resolve the issue SHARP-Pakistan team visited some stamp vendors and inquired about the issue. They shared that the orders from the concerned Assistant Commissioner (AC) restricts them to issue Stamp Papers to Afghan refugees to avoid any unfavorable circumstances under security concerns prevailing in the country. The team asked for the copy of such orders. The vendors responded that they have verbal instructions from the office.

The team visited AC Office repeatedly, held meeting with Mr. Mansoor AC, and discussed the issue highlighting the legal status of afghan refugees and extension of PoR cards by the end of the year 2017. UNHCR/SHARP mandate was shared with AC. Furthermore, the problems faced by Afghans due to non-issuance of Stamp papers were highlighted. Mr. Mansoor shared that no such orders were issued from his office. Instead, the stamp venders moved to exploit Afghan refugees by their own.

The AC assured to call a meeting of all stamp venders under his jurisdiction to ensure issuance of stamp papers to all without discrimination of afghan and non-afghan/local.

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Relocation of Afgan Refugees-93 families protected

Almost 93 Afghan families (539 individuals having PoR cards) were living in the village Noor Pur for the last 20 years. Noor Pur village comes under the jurisdiction of Police station Rango in Tehsil Hazroo, district Attock. District Attock in Punjab is considered one of the most sensitive locations in Pakistan because of the military installations, Airbase (Kamra) and its geographical location (provincial border of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). In terms of accessibility, there are many hotspots/prohibited areas where access is restricted for foreigners without NOC. In some areas, access of local population is also limited/prohibited without prior approval. The village Nur Pur is located at a distance of around 3 km from the Kamra Airbase and falls under the prohibited area of Attock. According to the police officials, there were reports from intelligence departments of serious security threats to the Kamra Airbase therefore the area needed to be immediately cleared from the refugees (foreigners). In a meeting with the District Police Officer (DPO) Attock, it was reported that Afghans had been repeatedly asked to move to a non- prohibited area. In case of any security incident, they would not be given much time to vacate the area.

All the families were ethnic Pashtuns (Kuchis) mainly engaged in farming and livestock for livelihood, living in mud houses constructed on the rented land owned by the locals.

The community elders contacted SHARP-Pakistan and informed that they were in trouble as they had received eviction orders (24 hour notice) by the Police Station Rangoo. ALAC team visited the community who shared that they were planning to return to Afghanistan by the end of April 2017 however, it was not possible to leave the areas within 24 hours. ALAC team met with the Station House Officer at the Police Station Rangoowho shared that written orders had been received from the higher officials (based on intelligence report) regarding security threat therefore he had to comply with orders. The team advocated on behalf of the refugees to extend the timeline to one week.

Meanwhile representative from local politician gave a false hope to Afghan community to resolve the issue of vacation and ensured that Police would not harass them.

After one week, the community members again contacted SHARP-Pakistan and informed that Police had threatened them to vacate the area immediately.

ALAC team met with the DPO Attock along with the Kuchi’s Representative in Punjab, Mr.Bahudur (Afghan refugee). The DPO shared that Police had no issue with these Afghans but as orders were received from the intelligence departments therefore they had to follow the instructions. He further stated that in case of any security incident, police/LEAs would conduct search operation to vacate the area within 3-4 days.

SHARP-Pakistan team shared with the DPO that Afghans were concerned about their crops and advance payment which they had made to the land owners. The DPO assured that they would be given access to their land until they had harvested their crops. Police helped them to get their advance payments.

The refugee community agreed to move to an alternate place (non-prohibited) in Attock. SHARP-Pakistan team requested UNHCR to provide them tents as construction of mud houses in winter would be difficult and time taking.

A list of 93 families/539 individualswith their PoR card numbers was shared with UNHCR and was verified by the ALAC team.

FUI team brought the issue to the attention of the CAR Punjab to seek his advice and support for possible intervention.

Upon confirming the alternate site, UNHCR tents were provided to affected Afghan families.

Through SHARP-Pakistan’s timely interventions and advocacy/liaison with Police for the protection of poor Afgan refugees, 93 families of Afghan community got shelter, protection and saved money in shape of crops.

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Zakia an inspiration for all

Zakia Faizi, an Afghan refugee born in Kabul, Afghanistan moved to Pakistan along with other family members in 1992, is an ambitious lady determined to contribute positively in return of protection provided to her in Pakistan.

Passing many years full of love and protection in Pakistan, she dreamt of a new start to continue her studies and enhance her skills & knowledge. She desired to excel in life and pay back something good to the country who provided protection to her and her family at time of need.

Sharing her feelings at time of arrival in Pakistan, she stated, “Everything was totally new for us, new world, new place, new surrounding and people. Even we were unable to understand the language, but we moved forward”. Thinking of past really doesn’t make much sense if there’s much to look forward to”. With the passage of time, we realized that “we are not here just to sleep and eat, but we have many things to do, we have to make our life”. During our stay in Pakistan, we faced many issues and hurdles but we never looked back. SHARP-Pakistan provided her assistance and advice to continue her studies and be an agent of change. She and her siblings completed their education and played their positive role in the society. As a civic citizen and good human being, she contributed a lot. Since 2013, she served as an interpreter in three different prestigious organizations including SHARP-Pakistan and always performed her best. She learnt much from her supervisors and higher management and enhanced her skills and knowledge for which she is thankful. She always put her best providing assistance and advice to poor fellows afghan refugees. Her thrust for knowledge has changed her world from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. She is now a role model for the afghan community in Pakistan. As a change maker she devised a plan to remove the label of seeker to giver.

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Afghan students go back to school at Jhelum

Access to quality education is the fundamental right of every human without any discrimination of cast, color, race and creed. Unfortunately, bias attitude by the society towards the afghan refugees has been witnessed many a times. SHARP-Pakistan team received information from District Jhelum that administration of Govt. Elementary school Thekrian was reluctant to promote/register Afghan students (more than 15 students in different grades) to next classes and asked them to leave the school treating them as alien. The humiliating behavior of the school administration towards the afghan students created unease among the students as well as their families as denying their right to education was meant to head them to a bleak future. SHARP-Pakistan team intervened and contacted the school administration. The administration responded that a higher authority at concerned department has ordered not to enroll/register or allow afghan students in the schools.

SHARP-Pakistan team briefed the school administration that all Afghans are registered and Govt. of Pakistan has extended their legal stay till 31st Dec-17. The administration showed cold shoulder to team stating that they have orders from High authorities and they are bound to obey these orders. ALAC team struggled hard to approach the concerned Punjab School Education Department at Lahore and brought the issue to their notice. The department shared that the orders were for non-registered (without POR Card) Afghans only and the same was not applicable to registered Afghans. The department referred the team to contact Executive District Officer Education (EDO) District Jhelum, The team contacted EDO Jhelum and discussed the matter. He was kind enough and immediately forwarded the case to concerned District Monitoring Officer (DMO). The DMO shared that no such orders were received by the department and he ensured to look into the matter personally. The team coordinated with the Afghans and updated them about the issue. After meeting with DMO the representative of Afghans informed that issue has been resolved and School administration allowed all Afghan students to sit in their classes. With sincere efforts by SHARP-Pakistan, team afghan students went back to school and littered their lives with the light of education. It was all due to bias and discriminatory attitude of the local community towards the afghan students.

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