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General public, members, international, national, government and private agencies and departments are requested to co-operate and assistance SHARP through guidance, proposal, information, knowledge, equipment, donations and other valuables.

You may assist in the following ways:

(1) By Assisting in release of innocent prisoners.

(2) By depositing penalty amount of a prisoner in the court or in the jail, who are unable to deposit penalty and therefore detained for indefinite period particularly in Hudood Cases.

(3) By providing a ticket to a foreigner prisoner who is unable to go back to his native country.

(4) By donating computers, typewriters, other office equipment for establishment of free legal aid centers in different areas.

(5) By donating salary of at least one person in the Legal Aid Centers, since greater number of workers will be able to provide timely and better services to the effected and deserving people.

(6) By providing suggestions, proposals and advice for better services and volunteers for providing professional assistance.

(7) To suggest preventive measures, safety purposes and policy recommendation against HIV AIDS and HEPATITIS through awareness by print and mass media campaign.


If you, as an individual or a representative of a donor agency, are interested in contributing financially, you may contact us directly or make the contributions directly to the SHARP bank-account.

Society for Human Rights & Prisoners' Aid (SHARP),

Account Number: 126-2003759-146

Faisal Islamic Bank, F-10 Markaz Branch Islamabad, Pakistan.

The bank account details would be provided to the donors annually or as and when required. You may contact the SHARP representatives directly for any questions.

Each donation will add to the efforts rendered by SHARP towards an improved society.

Thank you.


SHARP, Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid, is a Non-Profitable, Non-Political and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies.

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